Indiana Attorney General & Immigration

Here is language straight from the Indiana Attorney General web site….
“The Office of the Indiana Attorney General helps protect the rights, freedoms and safety you enjoy as a citizen of the Hoosier state. Attorney General Greg Zoeller and his staff are dedicated to meeting the state’s legal needs, as well as the needs and interests of its citizens.”
I think the key word in the whole paragraph is “citizens“. What the language does not say is that Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller is dedicated to protecting non-citizens or illegal immigrants. The citizens and tax payers of Indiana do not pay him to do that. Rather, they pay him to uphold Indiana laws; something he now thinks from which he can pick and choose.
Zoeller has refused to help Governor Mike Pence challenge the alleged illegal actions taken by President Obama as he granted immunity from deportation to about 5 million illegal immigrants in the United States. Rather the State of Indiana must hireĀ  — at taxpayer expense — outside counsel to do the legal work Governor Pence, as the state chief executive, requested be done. The Attorney General should either abide by his oath of office or step aside. He cannot selectively make decisions about enforcement of law based upon his personal beliefs or feelings. It does not work that way in our system of government — or at least it should not.
I grant that serious changes are needed in immigration law, but it is not up to individuals in positions of enforcement authority to effectively make changes on a whim. Congress and the Indiana General Assembly are the only places law is made; not in the office of the Attorney General.
Clearly, it is not reasonable to expect the United States would deport over 11 million people who are in this country illegally. We let the matter go on much too long for that solution to work. On the other hand, there cannot be favors for violation of law. One solution suggested has been to impose fines, back taxes, and other requirements in order to become permanent residents and eventually citizens. This is crazy. Under no circumstances should those who came into and reside in the United States illegally become full-rights citizens who can vote and be given public services. This solution would be grossly unfair to those who followed law and are either now citizens or are in line awaiting legal action on the way to citizenship. If illegal immigrants want citizenship, they should be required to return to their country of origin, get in line, and wait for the legal steps as does everyone else who wants to come to the United States legally. Living in the USA illegally for any number of years should not grant special treatment.
The issue that must be resolved is that of what commonly is called “anchor babies”. This is when illegal immigrant parents birth a child in United States territory. Under current law, the child is automatically a legal resident and citizen of the United States. This law must be changed so that a child of illegal immigrant parents does not become a citizen any more than the parents are. Geography should not grant citizenship. On the other hand, the law is currently what it is. The only practical solution is to allow permanent residency to the parents of what is a citizen child, but permanent residency does not mean granting citizenship rights to those parents; rights the child has. As said earlier, if the parents want citizenship rights, they must get in line and follow immigration law.
So, like it or not, the Indiana Attorney General should uphold law, not decide for himself what he will enforce or not. I suspect the majority of Indiana citizens want immigration laws enforced. Zoeller is so worried about the illegal immigrants being taken advantage of and abused. The opportunity for mistreatment would not exist if those persons were not in Indiana illegally in the first place. I am thinking that Zoeller should be devoting himself to the protection of legal Indiana citizens. I am sure there is plenty of work to do in that regard and would take his total time and efforts. Again, if Attorney Zoeller cannot do that, he should step aside and allow someone to occupy the office of Indiana Attorney General who will.

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