Illegal Minor Aliens

Oh, I know…. some do not like the word, “aliens”, but this is a word directly from federal law. Sugar coating to some other word does not change facts.
The news is reporting the United States southern border (the one with MEXICO) is being inundated with minors trying to cross into the United States illegally. Already, thousands have been rounded up and taken to camps in the United States. I don’t know whether to call them detention centers, refuge camps, or first step camps to being free in the United States. It depends upon whom is talking. Whatever they are called, it is clear that citizens in the states most affected are getting pretty angry; and rightly so.
This situation cannot continue. The United States cannot become the repository of the world’s people who do not like living in their home country for whatever reason. It seems to me it is the responsibility of home countries to fix themselves rather than be launching pads for people headed for the United States. About all other countries of the developed world have no problem with securing their borders. The problematic one for the United States is the MEXICAN border. Always has been. We now have over an estimated 11 million illegal aliens living in the United States, mostly from MEXICO. The current flood includes MEXICANS and people from countries south of MEXICO in Central America. Mexico has become the highway from Central America to the United States border.
Now it is being reported that about 3/4th of the children crossing the border have a phone number in their pocket. Upon “processing”, the phone number is being used to call people to pick up one or more of the children. No questions are being ask as to the legal status of those called. What!
The simple answer to all of this is to secure our southern border. Slam it tightly shut with whatever it takes. Then let through only those we determine have legitimate reasons to be in the United States under the law…… and it should not take several years to determine this.
In the work that I do, I am in many smaller communities in Indiana. I would have to be blind not to notice that the percentage of the population in most of those communities that is Hispanic has increased significantly. As I drive through those cities and towns, I often wonder how many of the folks I see are United States citizens and how many are illegal aliens. Just wondering. I have a hunch that once in the United States, many illegal aliens will seek out smaller communities in which to reside fully knowing that the chance of being apprehended there is much lower than in more populated places.
So, shut the border, require employers to verify citizenship or legal status (E-Verify), and empower local law enforcement to help identify people in the United States illegally. Simple and effective remedies to a ridiculous problem. Those known to be in the US illegally must be required to depart. The only rights they should have are to return to their home country and seek US entry legally. Period. And, again, it should not take years to make a determination of legal status.
As to the “children” flooding the border, they should be promptly returned to their countries of origin. No questions asked and no consideration given. Humanely treated while here and en route home; that is it. We cannot fix the world.

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