Indiana VS Same Sex Marriage

The Kokomo Tribune today reported that Indiana has filed an appeal with the United States Court of Appeals in Chicago to stop same-sex marriage in Indiana. The Indiana law banning same-sex marriage had been declared unconstitutional by a federal judge several days before. Many same-sex couples were married on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday last week following the unconstitutional declaration from federal court.
The appeal is smoke and mirrors…. and a gross waste of taxpayer money. It has become crystal clear that the opposition to same-sex marriage has become impotent. A United States Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit in Denver which consists of a 3-judge panel earlier last week declared same-sex couples have a fundamental right to wed. This upheld a lower court ruling that had nullified law in Utah that banned same-sex marriage.
The whole issue will wind up in the hands of the United States Supreme Court. Several states have said they will continue appeals until that happens. There is no doubt where this will end. Marriage for each person will be declared a right whether one wishes to marry a person of the opposite or same gender. The only folks that will gain from this whole fiasco will be the attorneys. The end point is inevitable.
Certainly, it is the right of any religious faith not to allow “marriage” ceremonies within their own denomination or faith. No one would question that. However, for those who choose to ban same-sex marriage, it is not the right of religions to dictate to others what they permit or don’t. The biggest issue in this country seems to come from the more fundamentalist religious Christian right. Several Christian denominations other than those already marry persons of the same gender. It is time for all to recognize that religious belief of one does not mean belief for all. In the United States, there is separation of church (dogma) and state. All persons are to be treated equally under the law.

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