Time to Get Out — NOW!

The Russians learned. The United States has not. Afghanistan is a bottomless pit.
We have about 68,000 troops still fighting in Afghanistan after being there over 10 years. Obama wants to keep significant troops in that country until the end of 2014. WHY?
It is crystal clear no military victory over the Taliban is possible. Meanwhile, the people we are supposed to be training to take over their own security are killing our soldiers and the “nation-building” in this most primitive of countries is failing. Yet, we continue to put our young men and women in harm’s way meaning many do not come home and many that do are horribly maimed or mentally and emotionally damaged.
Rest assured, when we do leave, the Taliban will move in. Afghanistan will remain a backward and fractured country ruled by tribes and extreme Islamists. This is true whether we leave now or two years from now.
And al Qaida…. it has already established outposts in many other countries including Iraq, the country we allegedly freed and left already. We need to be very aggressive in counter terrorism efforts but this does not mean thousands of boots on the ground in areas where clear wins are not possible. It means search, destroy, and get out.
It is way past time to bring our troops home. NOW.

Now We Know

The election is over. All of the “swing states” went for Barack Obama. The Republicans for the office of the Presidency were trounced.
The only saving grace for Republicans, and I believe for the country, is the fact the Republicans remain in firm control of the House of Representatives and the Democrats did not gain enough in the Senate to reach the 2/3rds majority to enable shutoff of filibuster. This means that if President Barack Obama wants anything through Congress, he will have to work with the Republicans or the federal government will be in a state of gridlock for the next four years.
Then there is Benghazi. I pray the House of Representatives will not let this issue go. There were four Americans murdered including the Ambassador from the United States of America. It is clear the Obama administration attempted a coverup of the events leading to the death of these four. In short, they lied.
The Obama foreign policy is in shambles. The Middle East is a complete mess with dictators being replaced with worse, the Islamists. Israel no longer trusts the United States to be at their back. And Obama goes off to Burma for what?
And this at a time when there are millions in the USA that are in dire need of federal assistance to get their lives back from the hurricane and storms that hit the east coast. It is ironic that many of the states affected voted for Obama and that now federal response to their plight has been pathetic. There was little, if any, prepositioning of assets before the storms.
We have to live with a President who wants to lead this country down a path that many of us do not want to go. Where we have the power to stop the slide to more and more government, there should be no compromise.


In two days a President of these United States will be elected. This country under the leadership of whomever is elected will be headed on an upward course or a further decline. The choice is clear. Romney believes in the free enterprise system and smaller government. Obama believes in socialism and larger government with more and more people dependent upon the government.
Then there is Benghazi and the death of an Ambassador. It is crystal clear that President Obama and Hillary Clinton and others have been lying. They have been kicking the can down the road to try to get past the election.
Although I am not for all positions the Republicans have on various issues, I deeply believe an election of a Democrat President, Barack Obama, and a Democrat Congress spells “D” for disaster or “down the tube”. In two days we will know.