Wannabes in Sports

[I have been told this post is vitriolic and needs to be toned down. I have done so in the post that follows this one. I admit this subject touches a nerve. There cannot be any more unfair situation to female athletes than this one.]

In the midst of the Biden created chaos and failures, there is an issue that seems to have mostly dropped off of the radar. The issue is that of male wannabe women participating in womens sports. This becomes particularly critical in competitive sports that demand physical strength and speed and are at the higher performance levels.

The most recent example is of a male wannabe woman breaking records in swimming competition at the University of Pennsylvania. The so-called “Transgender UPenn swimmer” has shattered swimming records held by women swimmers in multiple events.

There are other sports, too, where transgender males turned female have come to dominate competition. The truth: the whole idea of “transgender” is a fraud. Males cannot become women any more than females can become men.

There are only two genders in humans: male and female. Whether one is male or female is determined at the moment of conception and is carried through out one’s life regardless of belief, attitudes, or behaviors …….or wannabes.

It appears we need a basic lesson in biology. From conception, our DNA — you know, the genetic material that from one cell creates our entire body — is packaged in 46 structures called chromosomes. These come in 23 pairs; one from our mother and one from our father in each pair. The chromosomes that determine gender are named the X-chromosome and the Y-chromosome.

A female has an XX pair of chromosomes. A male has one X chromosome and one Y chromosome. So, female or woman is XX and male or man is XY. That is it. Period. This pairing occurs in every cell of our body. It is fixed in time and space and cannot be changed.

So, what is going on with the so-called transgender folks. The most common seems to be males who want to claim to be female. Letting hair grow long, using make-up, getting hormone treatments, wearing typically female style clothing, and even undergoing body altering surgery does not change the fact a XY male underlays it all.

And being genetically XY or male brings with it fundamental body differences in strength, bone structure, quickness of reflex and more from than of female. These differences give huge undue advantage to such a person competing in womens athletics. Such participation should be banned. XY equals male qualification for male sports only. Pretty easy to understand.

Anything that allows males to play being females in sports is victimizing true females. There have been stories of female high school athletes losing scholarships because of having to compete with genetic males. And now we even see instances of males wannabe females being allowed in women/girls restrooms and locker rooms because of claimed “gender identity”. Abuse has already become public with this little arrangement.

If so-called transgender males/females continue to be allowed in women’s sports, we are just beginning to see the demise of womens sports. I hope both women and men demand an end to this contamination. Maybe the answer is to create a whole new category of competition for transgender only individuals.